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Placing, Care & Cleaning.

All of our rugs are 100% hand made.
Following are some tips on how to keep your rug in good
condition, as well as how to clean it and treat common stains
so that you may continue to enjoy, cherish and use your rug
for many, many years to come.

  • Placing
  • Care & Cleaning Tips
  • Complete Guide

Placing your Rug in 3 Steps

1. Receiving your rug

2. Always use a non-slip pad

3. Placing it

Care & Cleaning Tips

Vaccum your rug on a regular basis



Stain Removal

Dry clean only

Complete Guide

For a more detailed information about placing, care and cleaning, see below

Download Guide
It is essential that everyone involved with cleaning the house understand the proper way to vacuum and clean your pure wool rug woven entirely by hand.

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